During this time, we want to re-iterate our commitment to our guests that your health, welfare, and comfort is of highest priority.  You are foremost in our thoughts as we continue to actively address the effects of the COVID-19 global pandemic. 

We want to reassure you that we remain acutely aware of our duty as an accommodation provider to minimize potential spread of COVID-19.  Yonge Suites has always upheld the highest standards of disinfection, hygiene, health and safety, well above those to which we must comply under regulation.  

We have enacted a number of preventative measures in heightened hygienic practices and operational protocols since the first outbreak of COVID-19 in January, 2020.  Since this time, we have continued to implement and respond as per direction of government authorities.  We are well-equipped and vigilant to implement further measures as required as they relate to COVID-19 under the guidance of public health policies.

Yonge Suites is a boutique-sized property of 36 suites, without public restaurants, meeting rooms or other large spaces.  We are fortunate to be in a position to focus our disinfection and preventative efforts on a relatively smaller area, rendering a minimal risk of spread.   To date we have not had any COVID-19 health concerns amongst any of our guests or associates. 

We’d like to share some of the protocols currently in place to protect our guests, our staff, and our community:

1. Yonge Suites requires disclosure from all arriving guests if they are observing government designated self-quarantine to ensure we have structured our services to their specific need (i.e. grocery or food deliveries), 

2. Yonge Suites maintains a mandatory vaccination policy for all staff, 

3. Re-designed physical aspects of the 36-suite property with physical distancing intention to enable all guest to guest and guest to staff a contactless interaction, 

4. Contactless check in Kiosk and orientation by virtual (video) call, or text with the same guest service assistance options, 

5. Contactless operated doors at main entrance, non-sharing of elevators, 

6. Direct remote assistance with Guest Services Team 24/7 via text message, email, telephone to respect physical distancing, 

7. Contactless practices for parcel and food deliveries for guests, 

8. Disinfection on a highly frequent basis all surfaces and high-touch areas with antiviral, medical grade cleaning agents as per the approved list per Health Canada (i.e. Virox). Areas include all door handles, and elevator buttons and room key cards, 

9. Capacity limited common areas (fitness facility and guest lounge as per the City of Toronto’s Public Health legislation), 

10.  Entry to fitness room restricted to fully vaccinated guests who must demonstrate proof, per Government of Ontario legislation, (*Temporary closure of Fitness Room by Provincial Order Jan 5 - 26, 2022)

11. Assignment to each of our arriving guests to the fully disinfected suite with anti-viral, medical grade cleaning and disinfection soutions as per the approved list per Health Canada, 

12. Mandated PPE for all staff, inclusive of approved face (mask) protection, and nitrile gloves for our housekeeping staff, which are to be worn at all times while servicing, 

13. Dedicated ventilation and HVAC system for each suite, indoor air quality at maximum efficiency includes windows that open, and separate fresh air ventilation systems for elevators and public areas, 

14. Weekly housekeeping service is provided.  Should a guest be practicing self-quarantine, in suite service is withdrawn and provision of any necessities delivered to outside the guest’s suite door.  Service is re-instated after the period of self-isolation and the guest is screened to be symptom-free,

15. All linens are laundered inhouse by dedicated staff working independently using only anti-viral, medical grade cleaning and disinfection solutions, as per the approved list per Health Canada, 

16. After each guest departure, seal suite, and then perform deep-cleaning and disinfection with antiviral, medical grade cleaning and disinfection solutions as per the approved list per Health Canada, 

17. Increased distribution of hand sanitizer stations at all access points for each guest’s use upon entering/leaving the property, 

18. Provision upon request of protective face masks and hand sanitizer for our guests, 

18. Adoption of flexible booking policies, terms and conditions to provide our clients and guests with worry free options in the event of travel restrictions.

We appreciate the trust that you have placed in us at Yonge Suites.  We recognize our responsibility to keep your  “home away from home” safe.  We will spare no necessity to maintain this.